315 NW 23rd Street   Oklahoma City


What do you get when you take a great chef and turn her loose with classic Texas Hill Country Barbecue?  Well, if that chef has lived in the Hill Country for 15 years and developed a passion for great smoked meats, you get an amazing experience.  

Chef Kathryn Mathis was classically trained and worked in fine dining restaurants, as well as owned her own gourmet catering company in Austin, Texas.  She decided to relocate to Oklahoma a few years back to be closer to her family, who live in the Oklahoma panhandle.  

After creating Big Truck Tacos because she missed her breakfast tacos from Austin, Kathryn decided that Oklahoma City needed a world-class barbecue restaurant, that would allow her to recreate the fabulous brisket and ribs she had fallen in love with in Austin. But she didn't stop with barbecue staples... she brings her chef's skills to smoking more exotic meats like lamb and duck and they are amazing.  She teamed up with Kenny Talley who worked for her at Big Truck but who was a barbecue lover at heart to explore the fine art of smoked meat perfection.

Kathryn and Kenny visit with legendary pitmaster Roy Perez at Kreuz Market BBQ in Lockhart, Texas.  A few secrets may have been exchanged...